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tim-bergwallGreif's Containerboard Mills heritage is deeply rooted in a business model designed to service independent box plants. Without the security blanket of having a large integrated network of our own box plants to rely on to keep our paper machines running, we have had to compete in the open market and find ways to add value for the independent box maker. This means that every facet of our business from our scheduling systems to our logistics capabilities has been designed to facilitate service flexibility with shorter lead-times than what typifies the containerboard industry.

While our business model has been refined over the years, our mindset has remained the same; continuously engage our customers to understand their business needs and drive improvements that are recognized and valued, and also behave in a consistent manner regardless of the business cycle.

Today we are focused on broadening our portfolio, executing on our sustainability goals such as energy reduction, and working on those activities that will help our customers succeed so we both grow.

To learn more about how Greif's Containerboard Mills are working to add value for our independent box plant customers, please read our "Put Our Resources to Work" tab on our website.

Whether you are a prospective customer or a 40 year partner of our mill system, we appreciate you taking a look at our website and look forward to some face to face interaction as we continue our journey to become your most trusted partner in the containerboard industry.

Timothy L. Bergwall
Vice President and General Manager

Tim Bergwall


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